Since 2003 we have been active in the international commercial market. We attend our clients with a very experienced and well-prepared team to give total satisfaction in the delivered results of our services.


We seek to offer personalized, professional attention to our clients focusing on the quality of importation and exportation of their products. Our team is required to provide a level of confidence, credibility, and dedication superior to our competitors and similar service providers within the Brazilian territories.


We are an experienced professional team working in diverse segments and modes of foreign trade. Our team is specialized in personalized services to carefully attend our clients.


  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Professional Ethics

Management with Values


ABRAPAR COMEX is centered on the principles of effective, optimized management. Every individual works with these principles that in turn allows the business to reach positive results as a whole for all those involved in the business. With this vision, we implement business actions and strategic team management.

Combining proper profiling, needs management, goals, and objectives to direct the business to be its best, these actions are applied to daily business life with a more human focus on quality of life and health for the teams, clients, partners, and community. We care greatly to be a positive organization.

Some of our actions to be a positive organization include:

  • Organizational education: permanent development of healthy professional skills, tied to together with individual and institutional objectives
  • Healthy environment: work environments that promote the health of the individual and the team as a whole;
  • Value: incorporation of the values of integral health for individuals;
  • Conduct: Healthy and positive choices of our products and services (organizational and ethical code of conduct);
  • Relationships: Win-win relationships with collaborative partners;
  • Responsibility: Social and environmental responsibilities
  • Recognition: Valuing and recognizing professionals and their teams by meritocracy.